Private Commissions

Artwork done for people all over the world for private use.  I retain the rights for any private commission I make.  I often turn those into Clip Art Portfolios


This way, I can share these awesome artworks with game& book publishing companies at reasonable prices, and I get to make a little extra money and keep my initial charging price down.  

You will receive a 600 dpi jpeg or tiff file of the artwork.  Often, it is all digital and even if there is some traditional pencils or washes, they are scribbles.  If you want to commission artwork to own the original, please drop me a line at  

What about Black and White art work?  Truthfully, I find doing black and white a bit tedious since I did tons and tons in my early career.  I will do black and white or grayscale artwork, but I will charge the same price.  Partly to encourage folks to hire me to do color, but also, I spend close to the same amount of time getting an inked or grayscale drawing to finish as a painted piece.  

Commission Pricing

Single figure, no background


$75.00, full color, head to toe image of a single figure.  

Bust shot, no background


$65.00.  Bust shots are a bit quicker and easier to do, hence price break.  

Simple Background


+$75.00.  Fog, simple mountains way in the background, cave 

Multiple figures, complicated backgrounds


For each additional figure, +$75.00.

As a background gets more complicated, I will add the equivalent of 2-4 additional figures.  

This background was the equivalent of 4 additional figures.  

What do I need from you?

Of course, I need payment.  I require payment up front unless it is a very large piece and then some kind of payment plan can be arranged.  Unfortunately, I've had patrons request artwork and then disappear once the artwork has been produced.  

An email, sent to, describing what you want illustrated.   Some things to keep in mind to make it easier to bring your ideas to visual life...

Genre: (fantasy?  future? super hero? noir? etc)

Pose:  (action? contemplative? heroic? craven? How does the person carry themselves? etc)

Outfit:  (What doe they wear?  What do they carry?, what colors do they prefer? etc)

If Background:  (what kind of story do you want?  What kind of mood does the background convey?  Where is the setting? etc)



Single figure Private Commission

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Note:  If you have a more multiple figure, background commission, please email me and I will give you a price.