Clip Art Supers

I shared a couple of pics from my upcoming Champions game earlier.  I’ve gotten a couple more done and now that is up as a Clip Art portfolio from LPJ Designs for publishers who might need some super hero art.  You can preview all 5 pics before you purchase.  And I have several fantasy and super hero clip art collections that might fit publishers needs in addition to the newest one.

Here are a couple of the pics that have not been posted yet that are in that collection.

We have The Blue, a Lemurian immortal mage, now coming out of seclusion to help rebuild the world.  Played by Geoff.  An extensive multipower of water based magics.

And we have Myrk, a hybrid of two alien races, one of which looks quite huminoid, the Tresselaines.  The published Herculon from Champions Enemies is a Tresselaine (I believe).  He was on Earth during the 10 year Invasion War fighting for Earth.  He is a brick with certain fungus and plant abilities like stretching due to vines and spikes.  Played by Rick.

Even Superheroes need a ride…

My character, Hope, grew up on Mars and has a passing familiarity with spaceships and various vehicles.  I believe Myrk also has piloting as one of his skills.  Neil, the GM, sent out an email describing our approach to the Spire using the STS-014m, built at the martian shipyards and is a space shuttle and VTOL.  So damn… I had to draw that!

My sketch was done at lunch yesterday.. the prelim pencils were so quick, but I gotta love Clip Art Studio’s curve and straight line tools, much simpler than photoshops.  This is not a finished piece of work, just a quick, mostly digital doodle.  But it gets the concept across.  Hope affectionately calls the ship, “The Stork”.

Superheroes in a new world

After years of hiatus, I will be in the Champions game (RDU: Red Dragon Universe) run by Neil C. again.  We are putting the band back together, using Roll20, Skype and such, hopefully starting soon.  We’ve been doing tons of emails back and forth.

I have been inspired to draw the characters, although I only have 3 done.  I have to switch gears slightly to finish some interiors for Golden Age Champions.

The New Pioneers are a group brought together after a decade long alien invasion of our original game.  My character, Hope,  is actually the daughter of my first RDU character, Vector.  Her red sleeve represent Mars, where she grew up and the blue one represent Earth.  Her powers are strength, mini-brick from her grandfather, Ultraman and light powers from her grandmother, Lady White.  She has some empathic abilities and strong mental defenses from her mom.  I eschewed telekinesis, because I played her dad, Vector, for years.  I’ve done pretty much everything I ever wanted to do with telekinesis over that time.

The Terran, played by Joe C, is a martial artist, with earth shaping abilities.  Picked by the Gaea like force to heal the world.  We haven’t played yet, so I don’t know all he can do.

Krys is a being of pure Crystaltech, given sentience during the long alien invasion.  Crystaltech was a HUGE plot point for years in RDU.   Played by Bill S.  He has the ability to mimic almost any energy ability.

The campaign will be trying to rebuild Earth and reconnect it to the Mars colony.  Mankind has been devastated, population is down to 1 billion souls.  I am really looking forward to the next chapter of RDU.

Process on a private commission.

This was going to be a complicated piece, lots of figures, architecture, magic, shadows… y’know, the usual.

This is a private commission. I worked out some pencils after abandoning the digital sketch… well, not completely abandoning. I printed out the digital sketch as a non-photo blue, because (thanks to Clip art studio) I knew I had the proper 3 pt perspective I wanted, as well as the rough shapes where I wanted them. Yes, that is 3 pt, not 2 pt… just the 3rd vertical is waaaay out there.

I thought I would share the blue line as you can see it is kinda of an eclectic mess… but despite that, I knew where and what I wanted to do as I moved through the piece with pencil. I punched up the second image with contrast/levels.

Final will be digital. Colors will be tans and grays for the most part, with Feltrin’s magic “rainbow” being as chromatic as I can get with blues and greens to pop off the background.

Several folks wanted to see some work process stuff… so I thought this might make them interested.

Golden Age Champions- Hero Games

This time, MOAR lunch time doodles is the beginnings of an assignment.

Golden Age Champions is going to get a Kickstarter in August, but the art starts now.  I will be doing the cover and if the Kickstarter hits some goals, perhaps a few interiors as well.  Since the cover is going to have multiple figures, some who have not be depicted in Hero Games, I will am doing  a few sketches on spec to whet the appetites for this gaming setting.

So, stay tuned!  More to come.

Below is Optimus.

Optimus Sketch- Golden Age Champions

New clip art collection released!

4 fantasy characters! Free preview at link! Action! Adventure! Romance! How can you go wrong?

Seriously; 4 clipart images by me, priced at an extremely reasonable price. Please check it out!

Young Conan


Doodles at lunch! Young Conan, elf shield maid! nuff said.

Often, here at Ehrhart Energy, I doodle on my lunch hour.  With an idea that at least they can go into LPJ Design’s Portfolio clip art collections that I contribute to.  Here are a couple.  Now, I have to do the color work at the home studio, but it is really nice to get a little bit of artwork in during my work week.

While I don’t always have an idea of just where I’m going as I doodle, I was wanting something with a bit of action.  The sword and dagger guy really struck me as a young Conan, during his thief days.  It doesn’t have to be a young Conan… it was just want my brain was saying internally as I sketched away and later painted.

In the color, still playing around with working with grounds.  Doing a bit more with Overlay, both as a brush selection or a layer of such.  I finally cottoned onto working with locked empty pixels.  I don’t know why it took me ten years  of photoshop and similar programs to figure that one out.  But you don’t know what you don’t know.

Elf Shield Maiden

Young Conan


Play time!

I was trying to play around with tone paper, digital finishes.  See if I could do a vignette with three figures.  Wanted to do women fantasy characters, that are in action, fully clothed and still read as women.  Not sure if I succeeded with the front character.  Tough angle.  But since the only art director is me.

While playing in the digital side of things, I was very surprised how “finished” I was going with the digital “paint”.  I was sorta aiming for sketchy color, but i kept tightening and tightening the paint side of things.  But still left some of the texture and if you look very close the grain of the paper, although I “bleached” a lot of it out.  The paper I was using had TON of texture in it.

Mostly done in Manga Studio 5 with a few side trips to Photoshop cs2 for adjust of a level or two.  Hope y’all like!


Cover done and done

I actually finished this awhile ago, but kept delaying actually writing about it.  Which was a mistake, because I don’t remember some of the final decision making.  I kept going back into Rotos the giant’s body and making it darker, while trying to get Kied darker as well without disappearing, I needed Kied to be front and center.

One thing I was really happy about this project is that Andrew provided a guide for where the text was going to fall.  This made it very easy to design for that.  When Andrew sent me the cover with the trade dress on it, I was very happy.  The only thing that got covered up, and Andrew asked if I could move it, was my signature.  But I don’t care about my signature as long as my name is on the inside cover.  So, this is what it looks like with the text in place:

Don’t forget to check out Andrew’s books.  I haven’t read anything besides the almost completed The Soldier and the Slave (it was pdf proof), but if that was any indication, Andrew is a damn fine writer.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and not just because I was painting it.  But on it is own merits.  His link is here: