Playing around with a quick sketch

I purchased today at the Standard Art Supply in Ithaca, NY, a new white pencil.  It is a big, huge, thick white pencil that I hope doesn’t break like my prismacolor white pencils always do INSIDE the pencil part.  A tip breaking is fine, I can resharpen, but I hate when a color pencil breaks multiple times inside the wood and the lead starts falling out.  Grrr.

So this was a quickie little sketch that I did at a coffee shop.  I liked it, so I scanned it in and posted it for funnsies… not finished artwork by any stretch.  The new pencil, by the way, is for Lyra, called, appropriately, “Color-Giants” and made in Germany.  While I had a pencil sharpener, it is too fat for it and I didn’t have my usual pen knife, so a bit awkward and clumsy for detail work…but I liked the feel for it.  Hope when sharpened by a knife, get a bit more of a point to work with.  At the moment, it is bit more like a crayon.  But I like the solidity and feel of the pencil.  The tip might break, but the lead won’t break inside the wood due to any kind of normal wear and tear.


Paul C is one interesting patron.  He has me do the usual single figure commissions for his fantasy game.  But then he turns it up a notch and gives me these scenes to do with the previously done characters.  And I get to do ACTION!  I like doing action.  A lot.  These are a lot of work, but boy, both of these were SOO much fun to do.  Getting to do monsters, neat locales and heroes in motion.

You know you are having fun when working late at night and your wife calls you to watch something and you can’t tear yourself away.  I hope that comes across

. Don’t get me wrong, I like introspective scenes, single figures, landscapes…heck, I like doing pretty much all art.  When I haven’t done black and white brush/ink work in awhile, it is really nice to come back to that medium… or if I’ve been doing a lot of digital, it is nice to pick up an actual paint brush.

Both of these are digital, but the Black Dragon one was done over a very loose thumbnail, because I liked it a lot better than the pencils I was working on (more energy) from that thumbnail.  Which I promptly abandoned about 1/3rd of the way through.  Conversely, Marilith was done from pretty tight pencils on bristol.    Both times I did sorta digital underpaintings with a tone layed down, punching the blacks up a bit and then going in with white to pick out highlights.

I’ll shut up now and show the art.

Slade vs the Black Dragon

Ta’amar vs. Marilith



Well, this site caught hacked again, after I wiped out everything.  So, I went to Securi, spent the money and had them clean the site and together, a bit more security (hopefully) was put into place.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting artwork done.  Here are a few pieces!  This batch is a really smorgasbord of odd ball concepts from Paul L. and Death Tribble.  First 4 are from Paul L. and his strange religious implied illustrations.  These were a blast to do.  Then the last two are for Death Tribble, because, well, Elvis needs boats!

Working a lot with toned paper on these, doing both pencil to darken, and white acrylic for highlights.  Then working with multiply, normal and color overlay levels in Photoshop and Manga Studio.  I’m kinda digging it.


Sasquatch Confessional


Grey Minister

Centaur Crusader

Mer Wedding


Karate Elvis!



5 fantasy femme fatales

I wanted to post this earlier, but I’ve been rebuilding my website after it gathered a horrendous virus.  I just completed a bunch of fantasy commissions and they are compiled into one of LPJ Design’s Storn Cook Portfolios, number 25 to be exact!  So, if you are looking for good resolutions of my artwork for clip art, look no further!  Link here:

Storn Cook Portfolio # 25

Here are couple of samples from Portfolio #25 (and you can see all of the art of any of the portfolios before purchase, no blind buys, over at RPGnow).  Kind of a strange selection because I was asked for THREE sitting poses.  I rarely get asked to do single figure commissions with specifically sitting situations.  Fun!


Also, check out my new banner art for my website, you can see it up top on my web/art/blog/site.  And put here for showing off sake: