Looking for work

Well folks.  I’m at that rare crossroads of not having much work.  My schedule is wide open.  So, if you have private commissions you’ve always wanted to have done… let me know.  Or if you are a publisher or art director and have projects that I would be use for, please contact me.  Storn.Cook@gmail.com

I just found out that I’m doing a follow up to John Wick’s Wield cover.  So I am excited about that!

And I got some images together for another clip art portfolio for LPJ Designs.  Some of the artwork is from a passion project of mine of doing a really high quality art for a fantasy web comic.  So.  I’ve been exploring some media and techniques to be able to do quality, yet make it fast enough that I can justify playing and not making money on it.  The below is one example of water color pencils (once drawn, you can add water and smear it around) with a bit of watercolor (just grays) on top of it.  Then digitally colored.  Louis over at LPJ even picked it to be the cover of this particular clip art collection.

It is a fun technique for me, something fresh, as opposed to just doing pencil, then digital…because it becomes a bit more about shape than just line.  Something I’m really interested in pushing, as my comic book past is so strong and the art is SO much about line.

Anyhoo… here is the link to the Portfolio:  http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/130508/Image-Portfolio-Platinum-Edition-30-Storn-Cook?src=sub

And here is the art:


Tal on the Run!

Next up, Death Tribble was still interested in another Manta Ray, but this time, not a techno suit, but an organic monstrosity as villain.  Which was really cool to do a variant of something I had just done recently.  This was also watercolor pencils and watercolors plus digital…

Manta Ray 2

Next up are a couple of entries into TenTon Studios weekly challenge.  I thought this one was particularly clever.  “What IF Geiger had been the art director behind Star Wars?”  What a cool mash up.  So, here are my doodles imagining such a thing….

Princess Leia via Geiger

Boba Fett via Geiger

New art, new projects….

First off, John Wick’s Wield kickstarter is off and running today!!!  And it already has met 2 of its stretch goals as I write this.  It seems like a really cool little game where you play an artifact, like Stormbringer, instead of “human” protagonist like Elric.  I posted the cover art before, but will do it again, as well as two of the interiors I did for the book.

Here is the link to the Wield kickstart:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2006204732/wield-a-little-game-about-ancient-powers

And here is the cover and interiors:



Dragon Change



Next up is a new project for me.  I call it the bugs and drugs.  I’m working with Mitreos development and this is a Kickstarter project that already was successful before I was called in.  The idea is to take various viruses and illness as well as beneficial drugs and such, and make a fantasy world out of them.  So, for example, I was called upon to do Streptomycin.  

Here is my exact illo brief:  A shepherd (female) guarding horses, cattle, sheep, and orchards, with a glowing Shepherd’s staff. She recently changed sides to the forces of good even though she used to be a bacteria (the antibiotic is actually a byproduct of bacteria)

From little I have seen, it is really neat stuff.  My wife, the nursing professor, was mildly amused too.  And from the art side, it is an interesting challenge, as the art serves quite a few masters.  There is a roleplaying tome like two page spread (so the character is alone, no background), as well as posters, as well as art for the collectible card game.  I did the art quite large for the poster size stuff and worked down from there.

Next, I’m working on Ertapenem, another “good guy” heroine drug interpretation.

The link to their website is here:  http://bacterionomicon.com/

And the art!


Hope y’all get a kick outta the artwork.


Odds n Ends n Reminders!

First off, if you love comics and you haven’t backed Ribbons, my possible modern mysticism noir series… you should.


I’ve got some cards and such to do, which I can’t show until they are released.  At which point, I always forget to post them (reminder to me, post some AEG L5r cards that just released soon!)  But I do have some odds and ends of commissions and some doodles for a Storium game.

First up, another in Paul L’s ongoing Vampire realm…

Vampire and Victim

Next, another one of death tribble’s commissions.  This time it is Manta Ray (which has been used in other places).  I tried to keep him aquatic, but obviously suit like and while the DC Manta Ray was to be referenced, it wasn’t to be copied out right.  I actually looked at a lot of pics of real manta rays while trying to design the costume.  I liked how it turned out.


Manta Ray

Next up was a duo commission.  Don’t do those very often and this was fun.  Army Ant and Firefly.  Very specific color choices asked for by the patron.  And that AA was shorter.  As a short guy myself, I was really happy to have such a heroic guy representing us vertically challenged folk.


Army Ant and Firefly

Lastly, this was a doodle bust shot of My character in a scifi Storium game about space repo/bounty hunters.  Storium is really a cool web based game system, very simple, very elegant that I am in the beta of and am supporting through Kickstarter.  I’m really impressed.  It uses cards to overcome challenges set by the Narrator (re: GM/DM) and the cards also determine who gets to narrate the outcome of the challenge.

If you haven’t checked out Storium, you should, here is the kickstart link:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stlhood/storium-the-online-storytelling-game

And here is my doodle of my character, Alton alMazeer, ex psi-op, reluctant bounty hunter.





Finally, I get to talk about a project that I’ve been sitting on for awhile!  Ribbons is a comic Kickstart, created by its writer, Justin Evans.  If the Kickstart succeeds, I get to do the art chores.  The tagline is this:  What if Las Vegas was a battleground for souls … and you just inherited a brothel? 

Here is the link to the Kickstart page and will tell you plenty more about the Ribbons graphic novel. Including a video for folks who don’t feel like reading at this very moment (but I would think folks who like comics tend to like to read!  <g>)

The link:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/851906653/ribbons

And now to tease you and hopefully entice you into backing said Kickstart, some art I’ve done for Ribbons!

Here is a mock up of the cover.  I slapped down that type face just to show what I was thinking while I was working on it, just to show Justin that we could possibly put the title in the lower quadrant than the more traditional, up at the top.  Not sure if that is going to stick yet.  Justin liked it.

Ribbons Cover 1 mock up

Here is page 1 and example of the final product.  I’m doing  pencil with sorta digital washes to allow the pencil grit to come/seep through.  Which I think is appropriate for a urban mystic noir vibe, yet still be readable.

Ribbons Page 001

Next are pages 2 and 3 and these are just pencils and are a bit rough and sketchy (by design).  These will go to finishes if the Kickstart gets Started!

Ribbons page 002

Ribbons page 003





Danielle’s Cancer Benefit

My wife, Millie, is a professor of nursing at Tompkins Cortland Community College and her fellow teacher, Danielle, has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  She is a single mom of 4 and is an adjunct professor (no health insurance).  So, we’ve been involved for the last couple of months helping to put together a benefit for Danielle.  It was this last Sunday and it was amazing.  Lots of people showed.  Lots of gift baskets were raffled off.

So.  I did this painting to be raffled off.  The couple who ended up winning it were thrilled.  Saying it was to go above their fireplace and replace their picture of Jesus Christ.  That was awfully nice to hear.  That my artwork was going in lieu of Lord and Savior.  They were so happy, it was a gift to me.

Angel of Cancer Research

About 3 weeks ago, Millie and I shaved our heads in support of Danielle.  We had a mini-fundraising at TC3, where other students shaved their heads and folks paid a couple of bucks to touch Millie’s head.  On Sunday, I re-shaved Millie’s head for the Benefit (I wanted to do mine too, but we ran out of time and had to get there!).  Our neighbor, Denise, does these amazing face paintings and asked if she could paint Millie’s head.  Viola!  Got the pic!!!

Millie’s Face painting at Danielle’s Cancer Benefit

I also had a table right next to Denise doing sketches for kids at the Benefit.  It was fun.  I’m only sorry that I thought of taking photos of my sketches at the tail end.  It was really interesting.  I did a lot of animals…. 3 owls, 1 buck, 1 wolf, 1 king cobra among others.  Frozen characters were also the big request, I did 3 Annas and 2 Elsas and 1 Olaf.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, thankfully, my iphone could bring up reference on all of these things.

So I got a couple of sketches from the Benefit to share.  Not the clearest snapshots, I played with them a bit digitally trying to punch the contrast in Photoshop:

Elsa, Frozen


Captain America

Done in by Pickle

No art today.

Just a bit of an update.  I tore something in my left foot playing pickle ball (think tennis played on badminton court with paddles and reinforced wiffle balls) on saturday.    I’m on some serious drugs and sitting at my desk is excruciating.  I can only sit at my desk for about 30 mins at a time.  It hurts to even rest my foot on the floor or even raised on a pillow.  Xrays on Sunday morning didn’t show any breaks in the bone.  But my foot is swollen so much, I have trouble sleeping, there is no position I can have it where it doesn’t hurt.   So, bottom line, I’m just completely out of it.

I have an appointment with a sports doctor on Monday.  Hopefully it will get easier before then.  But who knows.

Another pic from a few weeks ago

Still waiting for my video card to show, but I am at least working.  And I can share some more recent work.  This is for an upcoming module called “The Inheritance” and definitely done in the old school aesthetic.  I did a couple of interior illos for it as well, but the credits haven’t shown yet.

What is cool, is that I think the backcover was done by Jeff Dee, a very powerful and early influence on me back in the day.  Kinda neat sharing a book with a childhood hero!

Here is the link to the module:  http://www.mischiefinc.net/1a—the-inheritance.html

And here is the artwork itself.  It is acrylic underpainting with oil finishes on masonite.  Art measures 13 x 20.   I will have prints available on this one at (or if you are interested in the original, I’m selling for $750.00):  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/galversharn-the-dragon-looking-for-her-eggs-storn-cook.html?newartwork=true 

Galversharn the Dragon looking for her eggs


HUGE art dump

Folks, I’ve had such a horrendous time with my failing computer.  I won’t go into it, except I’m still down a video card (which I love having dual monitors, having reference on one screen while working on my Cintiq), but the rest of the machine is up and running with new motherboard, new processor, a bit more RAM, new power supply etc.

But I’ve been plugging away at doing art, sometimes pilfering my wife’s laptop and using my ancient wacom while the main puter is all in pieces.

So, got a ton of images for you.

First up, I was honored and lucky to get a chance to do the cover for “Wield!”, John Wick’s RPG on being powerful, mystical, highly intelligent and cunning artifacts and trying to get that lame brain barbarian who carries you to do the things you want him to do.  Or that pathetically weak, sorcerer king to give you something for all that strength you lend him.

Check out John Wick’s Kickstarter video…  http://youtu.be/UIy8j7i8l9M

On that youtube site are links to the pdf of the game itself.  Seems really cool.

So.  Without more rambling, here is the cover!  Hope you like!


Next up, I have several commissions for Death Tribble I’ve been meaning to get up for some time, but computer woes, deadlines and sheer inertia have prevented my from getting these up til now.

Here is a bobby with some kind of shadow powers…

London fog bobby

Next.  Death Tribble wanted a straight up Kendo master, no apparent super gadgets or anything…



Next, we have a huminoid crocodile.  DT picked up on what I thought was pretty subtle Egyptian motifs immediately.  Can’t get nuthin past that guy…



Next, a modern-ized Roman Legionnaire.  I got this one today, having put it off for deadlines for the video card game, Clash of Dragons.  I am not sure when I can show CoD artwork, still checking in with the client on that one.  But this was one I really was looking forward to doing.

Mod Roman Legionnaire

Lastly, I have a young vampire hunter for Paul L. ‘s ever growing vampire mythos.  The simple pose was all Paul, he specifically asked for it.  And I really like it!  Love it when I get great art direction.








Spoke too soon!

A couple of post ago, I mentioned not wanting to release the more “cover” oriented private commissions as clip art.  Well, LPJ Design and I worked out a price point that, yup!  We ARE releasing some artwork as Single Portfolio pieces.  Yes, these are more expensive, but compared to a cover, which I charge from $400.00 to $1000.00 depending on complexity, these are a STEAL!  So, if you are a publisher who needs some fantasy adventure artwork, please consider my offerings:

Check out the Single Portfolios, 1 and 2, here:



I’m about to enter into a contract with a ton of work that needs to be done in a month.  So my posting will probably be a bit spotty, if non existent.  I don’t think I will be able to put up the artwork I will be working on for awhile.  But it is fantasy art for “digital” card game.

But to leave you with a bit of artwork, here is another Ten Ton Studio challenge.  This week, it is Captain Marvel!  I did this sketch on vellum with pencil and black color pencil… mostly the color pencil.  I kinda like the waxiness on the smooth vellum.

Here is the link to Ten Ton Studios.  Voting begins tomorrow on it.


And here is the artwork in case you don’t want to go over to Ten Ton.

Shazam! It’s Captain Marvel!


Painting on a different canvas

I painted on Saturday.  That is not particularly unusual for me.  What was unusual was that it was on my friend Pete’s face.  I’ve done a couple of wounds for my wife, when she does roleplaying scenarios for nursing students.  My wife is a professor of nursing and recently, she “played” a patient who had fallen and had a huge gash on her leg, bleeding.  The students have to access and figure out what to do.  It is startlingly real for 1st semester students and they get all kinds of flustered.

So.  I’ve had some experience doing blood trails, wounds and puss with cheap make up.  But Pete, who is a drummer in the heavy-metal Ire Clad, was doing a gig at the Haunt, here in Ithaca, on Saturday as a zombie.  Pigment is pigment, hopefully, I could pull this off.  So, here is my very first horror make up job.  This is all brushed on.  No cool airbrushes like on Face Off.  Pete did the clothes with a belt sander for the distressing and watered acrylic through a spray bottle for the blood.  I think his clothes came out better than the make up.  But it was a ton of fun to do.

Here be a link to Ire Clad’s own facebook page with more pics.  https://www.facebook.com/ireclad

And here are my pics!

zombie pete 1


zombie Pete 2

zombie pete 3


Also, unrelated, I needed to do a warm up the other day, so I decided to do the Ten Ton Studio’s sketch challenge.  Which is DC comics’ Mad Dog.  Come on by the Mad Dog sketch challenge thread and check ’em out.  You can vote on them too.  So, if you like one sketch in particular, please vote, you do not have to belong to Ten Ton Studios to do so.  Voting starts tomorrow (Wednesday).

Mad Dog