Let me tell you about my character…

…. I hope y’all don’t dread those words.  At least this time, this character concept comes with a picture!

In my Thursday night role playing game, we are just starting out with Uncharted Worlds, a Apocalypse Engine game ( like Dungeon World) but the genre is science fiction.  Pete, our GM, had been reading the Expanse books and is now watching the show and it is a big influence on our game.

So, set in our solar system, no Faster than Light, no Artificial Gravity.  Earth has a lot of rocks dropped on it by Mars 5 years ago and it is a Mad Max sort of place.  Luna has become the banking Switzerland of the solar system after Earth “fell”.  Mars is a techno marvel, terraforming happening at an amazing place, one can walk outside without breathing equipment for short periods.

My character, Tremaine “Trey” Sinclair, is from Europa.  Europa colonies are in the buried oceans under the ice, and are heavily into the bio-sciences, including gene splicing and manipulation.  Trey is Homo Aquaticus, he is amphibian, can breath under water, notice the gills and webbed, large hands in the picture.  He is a pilot (both submarine and starship) and yearned to see the outside world.  Left Europa to explore the “other” oceans (both stars and Earth’s own oceans).  He is the pilot of the “Flying Fin” which was a museum on Earth as it was one of the first Europa probe ships (both starship and submersible), recently salvaged from the Atlantic off of Africa, by a Luna corporation with the Trey and the other characters help.

It is a really interesting game as Uncharted Worlds really lends itself to easy character creation with totally interesting results.  The world building we are doing is awesome!  I look forward to next week quite a bit!

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