Death and unrelated art

So, my mother in law died last week, early Monday morning, to be specific.  I was in Puerto Rico for the funeral and just got back in last night, late.  But right before she died, I had done some artwork for commissions, the two superhero pieces.

Happy accident time!  I totally had a dyslexic moment and the Honey Badger commission called for a male.  But in my brain, I thought I had read female and I drew Honey Badger as a woman villain. (It was the term “Honey” that threw me, so sexist of me).  The patron really liked it and didn’t take me up on my offer to redraw her as a man after I found out my mistake.

I also really like the Cloud concept.  He is a shapechanging, digital entity who resides in the Cloud.  That is a scary concept, guess you have to lure him out to like rural-off-the-grid New Mexico or Canada in order to truly defeat him.  Good luck with that y’all.

And I fooled around on a painted piece after watching Steve Prescott’s painting video with heavy body acrylics.  After pestering Steve and asking a few questions about heavy body acrylics, which I had never used, I went and got a couple of tubes (burnt sienna, white, black).  I had doodled that drawing in my toned color sketch book and despite it being fairly thin paper, I went to town with the acrylics.

The underpainting is the heavy body acrylic, but the color work was done with some guoache I had lying around.  Bottom line;  I really like the Liquitex heavy body acrylics, they stay wet a nice long time.  Easier to blend and mix.  So thanks Steve!


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