Even Superheroes need a ride…

My character, Hope, grew up on Mars and has a passing familiarity with spaceships and various vehicles.  I believe Myrk also has piloting as one of his skills.  Neil, the GM, sent out an email describing our approach to the Spire using the STS-014m, built at the martian shipyards and is a space shuttle and VTOL.  So damn… I had to draw that!

My sketch was done at lunch yesterday.. the prelim pencils were so quick, but I gotta love Clip Art Studio’s curve and straight line tools, much simpler than photoshops.  This is not a finished piece of work, just a quick, mostly digital doodle.  But it gets the concept across.  Hope affectionately calls the ship, “The Stork”.


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  1. This is the right up I posted in the game that inspired Storn.

    The STS-00m was the first of the CT drive shuttles to be developed, first seeing deployment during the China War. Post Cataclysm and the death of the Destroyer, new technologies sprang up at an unprecedented rate, driven by new sources of crys-tech and open investment and development in the public and private sectors, now unburdened by the terrorist oppression of Zerstoiten Mandate. UNTIL and the Mars project poured billions into realizing the long delayed advanced space travel technologies and by the beginning of the invasion, the STS (Space Transport System) series in its third configuration, and the STS 06m could make a fully loaded, orbit to orbit trek to Mars in a little over four days.

    The STS-014m that now speeds over the Caribbean Sea toward the city of Maracay, Venezuela, is one of the first of the Hermes class to be fully redesigned and built in Martian dry-dock. Designed for both planetary and interplanetary flight, it is 121.3 feet long from nose to engine flare, driven by three main PC9 drives with CT guided injection. The crys-tech injection series amplifies plasma output by nearly 900%, creating a hyper-efficient drive that reduces fuel needs drastically. It can make nearly half-light speed in theory, though it has never been tested, as the acceleration distance would put it outside the solar system.

    Being Hermes class transport, it is built to comfortably house eighteen passengers and a crew of three for a week of non-stop flight, including privacy sleeping, bath and toilets, with modest recreation. Habitation taking up most of what would be any heavy cargo room, there is still significant light cargo space, as the PC9 engines take up only about a third the square footage of traditional solid fuel rockets. It also carries no offensive armament, as the Aerios class does, though it has full protective shielding.

    The STS-014m can do 90% speed of sound in Earth level atmosphere trajectory flight, utilizing sophisticated parabolic flight to cover larger global distances. It is a VTOL craft, utilizing modified Sasori repulsor field generators surrounding each landing strut.

    It is the most sophisticated spacecraft currently known to operate on the Earth, and is carrying seven passengers and crew on their first mission as representatives of the Recovery Charter of 2020. Five days after it had first landed on the island of Hispaniola, the first voyage of the New Pioneers was underway.

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