Clip Art Supers

I shared a couple of pics from my upcoming Champions game earlier.  I’ve gotten a couple more done and now that is up as a Clip Art portfolio from LPJ Designs for publishers who might need some super hero art.  You can preview all 5 pics before you purchase.  And I have several fantasy and super hero clip art collections that might fit publishers needs in addition to the newest one.

Here are a couple of the pics that have not been posted yet that are in that collection.

We have The Blue, a Lemurian immortal mage, now coming out of seclusion to help rebuild the world.  Played by Geoff.  An extensive multipower of water based magics.

And we have Myrk, a hybrid of two alien races, one of which looks quite huminoid, the Tresselaines.  The published Herculon from Champions Enemies is a Tresselaine (I believe).  He was on Earth during the 10 year Invasion War fighting for Earth.  He is a brick with certain fungus and plant abilities like stretching due to vines and spikes.  Played by Rick.

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