Process on a private commission.

This was going to be a complicated piece, lots of figures, architecture, magic, shadows… y’know, the usual.

This is a private commission. I worked out some pencils after abandoning the digital sketch… well, not completely abandoning. I printed out the digital sketch as a non-photo blue, because (thanks to Clip art studio) I knew I had the proper 3 pt perspective I wanted, as well as the rough shapes where I wanted them. Yes, that is 3 pt, not 2 pt… just the 3rd vertical is waaaay out there.

I thought I would share the blue line as you can see it is kinda of an eclectic mess… but despite that, I knew where and what I wanted to do as I moved through the piece with pencil. I punched up the second image with contrast/levels.

Final will be digital. Colors will be tans and grays for the most part, with Feltrin’s magic “rainbow” being as chromatic as I can get with blues and greens to pop off the background.

Several folks wanted to see some work process stuff… so I thought this might make them interested.

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