Play time!

I was trying to play around with tone paper, digital finishes.  See if I could do a vignette with three figures.  Wanted to do women fantasy characters, that are in action, fully clothed and still read as women.  Not sure if I succeeded with the front character.  Tough angle.  But since the only art director is me.

While playing in the digital side of things, I was very surprised how “finished” I was going with the digital “paint”.  I was sorta aiming for sketchy color, but i kept tightening and tightening the paint side of things.  But still left some of the texture and if you look very close the grain of the paper, although I “bleached” a lot of it out.  The paper I was using had TON of texture in it.

Mostly done in Manga Studio 5 with a few side trips to Photoshop cs2 for adjust of a level or two.  Hope y’all like!


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