Cover Updates 3, 4 and 5

And the painting continues on.  Here I’ve started to block in the closest figure.  I want to keep the back figure more as a graphic shape and let the contrast of the nearer figure really pop against the back one.

As I paint, not happy with collarbone region and the mouth is a bit off.

I have moved the collarbone up, getting the value structure in, although eventually, I will want the skin color darker as I’m shooting for a more Mediterranean skin tone.  I also start to darken behind the figures, waiting for some areas to dry so I can paint and glaze on top.

Now this step did not photograph well.  The tones are much closer to the step above.  But I am still working the background a bit as I start changing my mind on the arm wrap ) the blue in the original is too close to the sword blue.  Also, changed the loin cloth to a darker color.  I am getting the collar bone minimized and reading a bit better.  Worked back into the background figure, delineating some shapes and veins.  Also, grayed out that giant’s beard and hair to fall in line more with the description.  Tonight, I still want to darken the skin on the front figure.

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