Cover done and done

I actually finished this awhile ago, but kept delaying actually writing about it.  Which was a mistake, because I don’t remember some of the final decision making.  I kept going back into Rotos the giant’s body and making it darker, while trying to get Kied darker as well without disappearing, I needed Kied to be front and center.

One thing I was really happy about this project is that Andrew provided a guide for where the text was going to fall.  This made it very easy to design for that.  When Andrew sent me the cover with the trade dress on it, I was very happy.  The only thing that got covered up, and Andrew asked if I could move it, was my signature.  But I don’t care about my signature as long as my name is on the inside cover.  So, this is what it looks like with the text in place:

Don’t forget to check out Andrew’s books.  I haven’t read anything besides the almost completed The Soldier and the Slave (it was pdf proof), but if that was any indication, Andrew is a damn fine writer.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and not just because I was painting it.  But on it is own merits.  His link is here:


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