Inspiration from Gaming talk

My friend sent a post out this morning from the Goblin Punch blog site.  Which was about tribes of humanity living in the shadow and scraps of Dragons.  It was a cool post.  And it made me want to play a character from that background.  Link here: Goblin Punch Dragon musings  Here is what I wrote Judd:

“Very cool.  Now I want to play a dragon prince barbarian who somehow has the wool lifted from his eyes and is now out in the wider world trying to reconcile that his master and god is nothing but a manipulative, oppressive, 3 tons of acid spitting (thinking black dragon, why not?) Machiavellian brilliance.  I love me a fish out of water story.”

Now, I don’t really game much anymore.  But this got my juices going.  Judd likes it and writes back:  “I see this dragon-prince drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith.”

I write back; “Fuck that.  I see this dragon-prince drawn by me!  (Although, BWS is a huge influence on me and I would love to see that too….)”

And then the discussion devolved into truck loads of awards on BWS laurels and not mine…all in good fun.

But all morning the dragon prince barbarian lurked in my brain til lunch time.  I had to sketch him.  Snarfing my lunch down in record time, I put a few scribbly lines down and now I get to share it with y’all.

Still wanna play this guy in a cool Dungeon World campaign or something.


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