Battle Royale

Here is a private commission that I got to do.  This is, I think, the 3rd time I’ve drawn Clorton (the red bearded one, natch).  It is nice to return to a character that I’ve drawn before because of the new things you can draw out of the concept and freed up from the need to show a D&D character head to toe.

I have been doing a lot of reading on painting of late.  Thank you Patrick Jones, James Gurney for your wonderful books.  That, and getting to do action, well, I think this painting might be my best technically in some time.  It felt like a step forward.  I was really playing with trying to make it readable and still not be as delineated or as crisp as I usually am (a leftover of doing some much superheroes of solid black line)… this time I felt like I was more painterly and really thinking about where I wanted the focus to be.

It is unusual for me to like a painting after I am done.  I hope y’all like it… and if you don’t, let me know why, so I can continue to grow and learn.



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  1. The dragon’s head, especially–the shadowing and the musculature around its neck, but I agree, this is a very good one. I like the dynamism of its body against the ground behind Corton too. As for Corton, I like his weight, and that sense of a real point of impact between his arm and its teeth.

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