More Sketchy

I did another from the Figure and Gesture drawing website:  Figure & Gesture Drawing Site The site spits out random pics, which is great for when I am at work and want to spend a little time at lunch doodling and noodling.

I spent more time on this than I am “suppose” to, as it is really no longer a gesture drawing but a full blown study.  But, hey, once you know the rules of art, then you can break ’em.  <g>.  This was 20 mins and I spent more time, because I am trying to work on my folds, especially when I have to put a figure in some action pose than no once can pose for.  So, the more I can put in my visual memory of how fabric falls, the better.  I used to hate doing folds and clothing, having cut my teeth on super heroes in my younger days.  But now, I absolutely love doing cloth and folds.
So my advice to young artists, do what you DON’T like to do…. if you avoid hands, or horses, or cars or perspective… tackle those subjects!  Make it fun for yourself, learn from it and you might then find a weakness is slowly becoming a strength.

I might color this one up for my fantasy clip art series.  What do you guys think?


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