Putting it out into the universe…

So, tomorrow I move into Millie and my new house.  After Thanksgiving, I will have my studio up and running.  And while I am working at Ehrhart Energy as a marketing and customer service rep, I do want to do illustration on the side, but lean more towards passion projects.  I am *REALLY* missing doing work in oil.

One project that I came up with is because I have been reading some old sword and sorcery stuff.  Just finished the first collected volume of Kane by Karl Edward Wagner available as a ebook.  I was also reading some of Lin Carter’s sword and planet stuff this summer.

I have never really had any huge desire to follow in other’s footsteps, but I have been thinking a lot about doing a series of paintings… each painting would be the great character(s) of sword and sorcery.  So, obviously, Conan, Elric.  And I would be stepping into the shadows of Frazetta, Buscema, Whelan, Boris, Schultz and so many others.  Very daunting.  But perhaps at this time in my career, I should do a series like this.  Would folks want to see my Tarzan (which is blurring the line for sword and sorcery I admit) or my Belit or my John Carter?  Maybe I could do a gallery show in a couple of years?  Maybe folks would want prints?  Can I put my stamp on these characters that would be interesting to others?

Some of the ones I thought of really wanting to do:  Of course, Conan, Elric.. especially Elric, who might be my favorite fantasy character…. here are some others:  Tarzan, Jane, Deja Thoris, Red Sonja, Thoth Amon, Kull, Kane, John Carter, Fafhrd and Grey Mouser, Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekose, Eric John Stark (especially! never thought he was correctly depicted, he is dark skinned, not white!). Conn, (I always liked Conan’s son too).  What others would be fun to have done?

I finished this pic awhile ago, but kept forgetting to put her up.  The underpainting was posted in this blog back a few posts.  I think this series of “Maori” inspired characters also got me thinking of the Sword and Sorcery vibe.


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