Where I have been

My art production has gone down considerably the last couple of months.  I had a nasty summer bug.  My wife and I are looking for a house, moved into a month to month apartment that is small 1 bedroom.  That means my traditional art supplies have gone into storage.  But the biggest impact on my art is that I took a marketing job for Ehrhart Energy.  They/we sell propane, fuel oil, wood pellets and wood bricks.  I grew up with the daughter of the owner.  So… pure nepotism.

It was supposed to be a 3 week contract but it is now permanent.  I write radio ads, I do graphic design, I crunch numbers trying to figure out trends.  It is a cool job, steady paycheck and great people to work with and for.

I am still doing artwork, still accepting assignments, but I’m much more picky as my schedule is much more limited.  I am hoping to work on some of my own projects too, now that I don’t have to solely rely on my art to make a living.

Meanwhile, I did get this out the door to Paul, who has commissioned several things in the past…. hope you like!




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