Keep on smilin’ Smilodon!

Last Saturday (just scanned this yesterday), I went to Barnes and Nobles in Ithaca, NY.  The Museum of the Earth was there, promoting John Gurche’s talk at the museum on the new hominids recently discovered in S. Africa.  The talk was last night, and was incredible.  John talked about the process of coming up with the visuals based on these bones they found.

Anyway, the Museum of the Earth was really there at B&N to entice young kids to learn about dinosaurs, but I saw this skull on the table and asked if I could sketch it.  “No problem”… so I sketched this in about 40 mins and it was a blast.  I was told it was a smilodon skull…. but I’m no expert on that.

Happy with how it turned out.

Smilodon Skull

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