A bit of Process. Part 2.

To continue on.  The pic below is where I am starting to block in my colors.  I tend to work in three modes.  Either multiply layer, when I want darker colors (like the dark red).  Overlay layer, where I want something very light.  And directly on the “home” layer when I want to kind of wipe out the textures of pencil and paper, but combine it with the value structure I’ve built so far.  Often, I will lay in a Multiply or Overlay layer and before flattening it to the home layer, I will take it down to 90% so some structure remains.

I’ve blasted some background in there, trying to keep it in the key of the painting so far.

This pic is somewhat of a rarity for me as the ground is really quite close to what I wanted for the flesh color anyhow…. so this went really, really quick.

Really starting to use the paint

And this is the final.  I continue to lay in colors and maybe I should have saved a step showing that…but really it is now just working into the shadow and lights of the various areas.  Like I work in a bit of green light into the red shawl that is emanating from the book. I then use the Marker brush with a bit of a light purple to work in the shadow areas.  The Marker brush is a Multiply brush in Manga Studio 5, so it acts like a Multiply layer.  Blending here and there when I want to.


I decide to blow up the main figure a bit and let her shadow side sorta blend into the background.  Then I rim lighted the back of her to pop her out a bit.  The client requested triskeles flowing from the book of magic.  Those and the light are done on about 3 layers of Normal and Soft Light and Hard Light layers, all of them down to about 10% to 30%

Punch up some of the highlights on that Hard Light layer (which can be really, really harsh, which is why I keep it around 20%).  I blended a bit in the face, to make smoother the pencil structure that was there… and viola…here is the final.

One of the things I struggle with at times is when to leave some pencil structure underneath the paint and when to wipe it out.  Sometimes, I love the energy from the original drawing to come through and sometimes it is something that I really fight against.  Here, if you look closely, you can see some pencil texture still in the darker shadows of clothing…and I like that.  The spell book is pretty much the pencil entirely, just with a layer of Overlay of that yucky, spooky yellow green.  But I pretty much blended pencil in the skin tones and on the jewelry away.

What do you think?  Does the pencil texture distract?  Does it lose too much energy from the original sketch and I should have kept more in?

Final look

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