Ithaca International Fantastic Film Fest (part 2)

Last night was the grand opening of the temporary art gallery down on the Ithaca Commons as part of the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Fest.  It was a hoot!!!  Steve Ellis, the coordinator of the whole dang thing, put up a 12′ canvas on the wall and a bunch of us threw some acrylic paint at it.  I got pics to prove it!

photo 1 photo 4

So.  Top pic, from left to right Steve Ellis, Steve Walker, Fred Harper, Cesar (who’s last name I don’t know but he is awesome!) and Jen Lightfoot.

2nd pic, John Haeffner, Cesar and Jen.

Note for next year, prime that dang canvas!!!!

So.  Today at the IIFFF gallery, there will be a whole gaggle of us artists doing life drawing from live models from 11 to 5 today.  IF you are in the Ithaca area, want to hang out with a whole bunch of cool, weird, creative types, COME ON DOWN!  Or.  If you like horror films, man, IIFFF has some really great, unknown gems as well as a couple classics.  Please check out the link:

Meanwhile, let me drop some my art on ya!  Both of these are private commissions and the tavern scene is available as part of my LPJ Design’s Portfolio Single series .

Tavern Cheatin’

Here is the link to stock art:

The next one will be released soon as stock art, and I will let folks when that happens.  And is another of the fantasy Cap America with the serial numbers filed off.

Marshall of the City

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