Death Tribble’s 150th commission

Wow.  I have done 150 (and counting) commissions for uber patron Death Tribble.  He asked me to do a vehicle of his Avatar logo (for those who haven’t seen it, a ball of brown fur with cartoon eyes with an angry furrowed and flaming brow).  I’ve been planning this one for a long time, knowing I was going to go a bit beyond that…. so Presenting!  The Mighty Multi Morphin Death Tribble Mobile!!!!

Death Tribble Mighty Multi Morphin Moblie.

And oh yeah, I’ve got a couple of Fading Suns commissions to show too!





Death Tribble’s 150th commission — 1 Comment

  1. Awesome! I was hooked at the name “Death Tribble” 🙂 The Mighty-Morphin’ us fun, too, since I got to play with a lot of old Transformers growing up, and Power Rangers are good bubble gum fun. I really like the scars on the gambler – adds some unique life and backstory in just a few lines.

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