New art, new projects….

First off, John Wick’s Wield kickstarter is off and running today!!!  And it already has met 2 of its stretch goals as I write this.  It seems like a really cool little game where you play an artifact, like Stormbringer, instead of “human” protagonist like Elric.  I posted the cover art before, but will do it again, as well as two of the interiors I did for the book.

Here is the link to the Wield kickstart:

And here is the cover and interiors:



Dragon Change



Next up is a new project for me.  I call it the bugs and drugs.  I’m working with Mitreos development and this is a Kickstarter project that already was successful before I was called in.  The idea is to take various viruses and illness as well as beneficial drugs and such, and make a fantasy world out of them.  So, for example, I was called upon to do Streptomycin.  

Here is my exact illo brief:  A shepherd (female) guarding horses, cattle, sheep, and orchards, with a glowing Shepherd’s staff. She recently changed sides to the forces of good even though she used to be a bacteria (the antibiotic is actually a byproduct of bacteria)

From little I have seen, it is really neat stuff.  My wife, the nursing professor, was mildly amused too.  And from the art side, it is an interesting challenge, as the art serves quite a few masters.  There is a roleplaying tome like two page spread (so the character is alone, no background), as well as posters, as well as art for the collectible card game.  I did the art quite large for the poster size stuff and worked down from there.

Next, I’m working on Ertapenem, another “good guy” heroine drug interpretation.

The link to their website is here:

And the art!


Hope y’all get a kick outta the artwork.



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