Odds n Ends n Reminders!

First off, if you love comics and you haven’t backed Ribbons, my possible modern mysticism noir series… you should.


I’ve got some cards and such to do, which I can’t show until they are released.  At which point, I always forget to post them (reminder to me, post some AEG L5r cards that just released soon!)  But I do have some odds and ends of commissions and some doodles for a Storium game.

First up, another in Paul L’s ongoing Vampire realm…

Vampire and Victim

Next, another one of death tribble’s commissions.  This time it is Manta Ray (which has been used in other places).  I tried to keep him aquatic, but obviously suit like and while the DC Manta Ray was to be referenced, it wasn’t to be copied out right.  I actually looked at a lot of pics of real manta rays while trying to design the costume.  I liked how it turned out.


Manta Ray

Next up was a duo commission.  Don’t do those very often and this was fun.  Army Ant and Firefly.  Very specific color choices asked for by the patron.  And that AA was shorter.  As a short guy myself, I was really happy to have such a heroic guy representing us vertically challenged folk.


Army Ant and Firefly

Lastly, this was a doodle bust shot of My character in a scifi Storium game about space repo/bounty hunters.  Storium is really a cool web based game system, very simple, very elegant that I am in the beta of and am supporting through Kickstarter.  I’m really impressed.  It uses cards to overcome challenges set by the Narrator (re: GM/DM) and the cards also determine who gets to narrate the outcome of the challenge.

If you haven’t checked out Storium, you should, here is the kickstart link:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stlhood/storium-the-online-storytelling-game

And here is my doodle of my character, Alton alMazeer, ex psi-op, reluctant bounty hunter.




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