Danielle’s Cancer Benefit

My wife, Millie, is a professor of nursing at Tompkins Cortland Community College and her fellow teacher, Danielle, has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  She is a single mom of 4 and is an adjunct professor (no health insurance).  So, we’ve been involved for the last couple of months helping to put together a benefit for Danielle.  It was this last Sunday and it was amazing.  Lots of people showed.  Lots of gift baskets were raffled off.

So.  I did this painting to be raffled off.  The couple who ended up winning it were thrilled.  Saying it was to go above their fireplace and replace their picture of Jesus Christ.  That was awfully nice to hear.  That my artwork was going in lieu of Lord and Savior.  They were so happy, it was a gift to me.

Angel of Cancer Research

About 3 weeks ago, Millie and I shaved our heads in support of Danielle.  We had a mini-fundraising at TC3, where other students shaved their heads and folks paid a couple of bucks to touch Millie’s head.  On Sunday, I re-shaved Millie’s head for the Benefit (I wanted to do mine too, but we ran out of time and had to get there!).  Our neighbor, Denise, does these amazing face paintings and asked if she could paint Millie’s head.  Viola!  Got the pic!!!

Millie’s Face painting at Danielle’s Cancer Benefit

I also had a table right next to Denise doing sketches for kids at the Benefit.  It was fun.  I’m only sorry that I thought of taking photos of my sketches at the tail end.  It was really interesting.  I did a lot of animals…. 3 owls, 1 buck, 1 wolf, 1 king cobra among others.  Frozen characters were also the big request, I did 3 Annas and 2 Elsas and 1 Olaf.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, thankfully, my iphone could bring up reference on all of these things.

So I got a couple of sketches from the Benefit to share.  Not the clearest snapshots, I played with them a bit digitally trying to punch the contrast in Photoshop:

Elsa, Frozen


Captain America


Danielle’s Cancer Benefit — 4 Comments

  1. Hi brother-in-law. OMG I love the angel, You did an amazing job as always.. That beautiful Elsa drawing is awesome too. That is the theme for Izabella’s birthday party on Saturday, April 12. If you have time I would love one for her. She adored the Yankee angel you made for me so I put it in the bedroom we share when she spends the night. Hope you are both well and I am so proud of you both for all you are doing for Danielle.. God bless and hopefuly soon you will come visit. Love and miss you both.

  2. Your painting is truly worthy of worship. I hope Danielle got a good copy. I continue to pickle on your behalf, but hobble back soon.

    • Aww… thanks Klunkle!!! My foot is almost pain free. I see the doc on the 9th. We will see what prognosis there is for returning to the courts. Probably can start to play outside soon!!! (yeah!)

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