Another pic from a few weeks ago

Still waiting for my video card to show, but I am at least working.  And I can share some more recent work.  This is for an upcoming module called “The Inheritance” and definitely done in the old school aesthetic.  I did a couple of interior illos for it as well, but the credits haven’t shown yet.

What is cool, is that I think the backcover was done by Jeff Dee, a very powerful and early influence on me back in the day.  Kinda neat sharing a book with a childhood hero!

Here is the link to the module:—the-inheritance.html

And here is the artwork itself.  It is acrylic underpainting with oil finishes on masonite.  Art measures 13 x 20.   I will have prints available on this one at (or if you are interested in the original, I’m selling for $750.00): 

Galversharn the Dragon looking for her eggs


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