HUGE art dump

Folks, I’ve had such a horrendous time with my failing computer.  I won’t go into it, except I’m still down a video card (which I love having dual monitors, having reference on one screen while working on my Cintiq), but the rest of the machine is up and running with new motherboard, new processor, a bit more RAM, new power supply etc.

But I’ve been plugging away at doing art, sometimes pilfering my wife’s laptop and using my ancient wacom while the main puter is all in pieces.

So, got a ton of images for you.

First up, I was honored and lucky to get a chance to do the cover for “Wield!”, John Wick’s RPG on being powerful, mystical, highly intelligent and cunning artifacts and trying to get that lame brain barbarian who carries you to do the things you want him to do.  Or that pathetically weak, sorcerer king to give you something for all that strength you lend him.

Check out John Wick’s Kickstarter video…

On that youtube site are links to the pdf of the game itself.  Seems really cool.

So.  Without more rambling, here is the cover!  Hope you like!


Next up, I have several commissions for Death Tribble I’ve been meaning to get up for some time, but computer woes, deadlines and sheer inertia have prevented my from getting these up til now.

Here is a bobby with some kind of shadow powers…

London fog bobby

Next.  Death Tribble wanted a straight up Kendo master, no apparent super gadgets or anything…



Next, we have a huminoid crocodile.  DT picked up on what I thought was pretty subtle Egyptian motifs immediately.  Can’t get nuthin past that guy…



Next, a modern-ized Roman Legionnaire.  I got this one today, having put it off for deadlines for the video card game, Clash of Dragons.  I am not sure when I can show CoD artwork, still checking in with the client on that one.  But this was one I really was looking forward to doing.

Mod Roman Legionnaire

Lastly, I have a young vampire hunter for Paul L. ‘s ever growing vampire mythos.  The simple pose was all Paul, he specifically asked for it.  And I really like it!  Love it when I get great art direction.









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