Phaeton fabulousness

Here is some work I did awhile ago, but got permission to post.  It is for a virtual card game for facebook, and the working title is Phaeton.  I don’t know how far along it is, or quite how it is played.  But the core concept is based around some kind of school for teen supers, ala X-mansion.

My friend Steve Ellis was lead artist and art director on this one, and it was both fun and tough to work with the constraints and character concepts he had set up.  Tough in that we have very different ways of working, especially when it comes to inking.  So, I was trying to come close to his inking style.  But that was fun too, because it pushed and prodded me to really think about how I do things and I learned a lot.

So here are a smattering of images that I done for the game.

Phaeton demo reel

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