Painting on a different canvas

I painted on Saturday.  That is not particularly unusual for me.  What was unusual was that it was on my friend Pete’s face.  I’ve done a couple of wounds for my wife, when she does roleplaying scenarios for nursing students.  My wife is a professor of nursing and recently, she “played” a patient who had fallen and had a huge gash on her leg, bleeding.  The students have to access and figure out what to do.  It is startlingly real for 1st semester students and they get all kinds of flustered.

So.  I’ve had some experience doing blood trails, wounds and puss with cheap make up.  But Pete, who is a drummer in the heavy-metal Ire Clad, was doing a gig at the Haunt, here in Ithaca, on Saturday as a zombie.  Pigment is pigment, hopefully, I could pull this off.  So, here is my very first horror make up job.  This is all brushed on.  No cool airbrushes like on Face Off.  Pete did the clothes with a belt sander for the distressing and watered acrylic through a spray bottle for the blood.  I think his clothes came out better than the make up.  But it was a ton of fun to do.

Here be a link to Ire Clad’s own facebook page with more pics.

And here are my pics!

zombie pete 1


zombie Pete 2

zombie pete 3


Also, unrelated, I needed to do a warm up the other day, so I decided to do the Ten Ton Studio’s sketch challenge.  Which is DC comics’ Mad Dog.  Come on by the Mad Dog sketch challenge thread and check ’em out.  You can vote on them too.  So, if you like one sketch in particular, please vote, you do not have to belong to Ten Ton Studios to do so.  Voting starts tomorrow (Wednesday).

Mad Dog





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