Devil is in the Details

Well, in this case, Devil is coming out of the arch way.  Here is a commission done for my awesome patron, Paul C.  This one was a lot of fun to do, especially while watching my beloved Packers beat the Ravens yesterday.  (I have two monitors, so I can watch stuff while I work).  But I did the finishes this morning, early afternoon.

I had the layout in my head before starting the painting.  I pencilled both the demon and Dana there on separate paper, scanned them in, created the cathedral and statuary in Manga Studio 5, combined it all in Photoshop and then did a semi-sorta digital underpainting.

I have not released a lot of the Paul C commissions as LPJ Design Portfolios because the time that goes into them, I don’t want to release them at the price point those portfolios go for. So.  If anyone needs some 2nd use printing rights for covers or what have you, these paintings will go for a lot less than 1st use artwork.  And I will make some extra monies that is more reasonably compensation.

Dana vs Devil


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