Well, this site caught hacked again, after I wiped out everything.  So, I went to Securi, spent the money and had them clean the site and together, a bit more security (hopefully) was put into place.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting artwork done.  Here are a few pieces!  This batch is a really smorgasbord of odd ball concepts from Paul L. and Death Tribble.  First 4 are from Paul L. and his strange religious implied illustrations.  These were a blast to do.  Then the last two are for Death Tribble, because, well, Elvis needs boats!

Working a lot with toned paper on these, doing both pencil to darken, and white acrylic for highlights.  Then working with multiply, normal and color overlay levels in Photoshop and Manga Studio.  I’m kinda digging it.


Sasquatch Confessional


Grey Minister

Centaur Crusader

Mer Wedding


Karate Elvis!




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