Playing around with a quick sketch

I purchased today at the Standard Art Supply in Ithaca, NY, a new white pencil.  It is a big, huge, thick white pencil that I hope doesn’t break like my prismacolor white pencils always do INSIDE the pencil part.  A tip breaking is fine, I can resharpen, but I hate when a color pencil breaks multiple times inside the wood and the lead starts falling out.  Grrr.

So this was a quickie little sketch that I did at a coffee shop.  I liked it, so I scanned it in and posted it for funnsies… not finished artwork by any stretch.  The new pencil, by the way, is for Lyra, called, appropriately, “Color-Giants” and made in Germany.  While I had a pencil sharpener, it is too fat for it and I didn’t have my usual pen knife, so a bit awkward and clumsy for detail work…but I liked the feel for it.  Hope when sharpened by a knife, get a bit more of a point to work with.  At the moment, it is bit more like a crayon.  But I like the solidity and feel of the pencil.  The tip might break, but the lead won’t break inside the wood due to any kind of normal wear and tear.

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